Elizabeth G

My wife and I were looking to buy our first home but we didn't know where to start. We heard from friends and family how difficult and stressful their experience was when purchasing their homes. We saw an ad in the mail and decided to give Alex a call. He helped us from start to finish and made the transaction so easy. We would definitely recommend Alex to any buyer. 

Harold P

I was working with 3 different agents for 8 months and no one could successfully find me a home. After working with Alex for just 2 weeks, I was in escrow the following week. Thank you Alex!

Mary D

My husband and I lost our jobs and fell behind on payments. We didn't want a foreclosure on our record so we ended up selling our home through a short sale. Alex and John were very knowledgeable and helped us fight through our most difficult times. 


I was amazed when I heard that my younger sister bought a house because I knew her credit was worse than mine. She referred me to her agent and they were able to get me qualified and into a home within 4 months. My sister and I fight every holiday to see who’s house we will go too. Thank you Alex!

Richard L

I was losing my home and every real estate agent kept saying the same thing "SHORT SALE IT, SHORT SALE IT". But after speaking with Alex and John, they were able to help me get connected with the right people. We were able to save our home and not have to go back to renting.

Juan A

My wife and I wanted to sell our home but we didn't know which Realtor to call. We had heard from a friend at work about Alex Valenzuela and how he helped them sell their home. We decided to give him a call and he immediately came over and gave us a no obligation consultation. He was well prepared and very professional. We were not aware that our house was worth so much more than we thought. Not only did they help us sell our house but they got us into our bigger dream home. He coordinated the moving perfectly so that we wouldn't have to move twice. The whole transaction was simple and hassle free all thanks to Alex Valenzuela.

Greg C

My credit was average. Every time I spoke to a real estate agent, it seemed like all they wanted to do was get me "prequalified". And after getting prequalified multiple times, these agents would stop calling me back. When I was referred to John through a friend, he gave me the dirty truth about my credit. However, he also gave me suggestions on how I can fix my credit. 9 months later I was sitting on the balcony of my new condo overlooking the city lights. I can't thank my agent John Kim enough for all his hard work and patience.

Kelly K

My husband and I had just gotten married and we decided to look into buying a house. We have been renting for the last 5 years and never really knew about the tax benefits of owning a home. John was able to show us how we could own our own home and actually pay less money than we did when we’re renting.